Akureyri is Iceland’s second-biggest city, after the more prominent Reykjavik territory. City’ might be too liberal a term as its occupants’ number is just 20-thousand, closer to that of a town somewhere else on the planet. Akureyri is regularly marked as the Capital of the North. While Reykjavik is marked the ‘Capital of the South’, and they are isolated by an inexact 5-hour drive. Akureyri is a beguiling town in itself, with a lot of activities for such a little spot. The Eyjafjordur territory is delightful in the late spring. The town wakes up with open air bistros and individuals relax at the poolside, absolutely overlooking the way that they live just underneath the Arctic circle. There are open air exercises, climbing trails, shows and celebrations to join in, and obviously, frozen yogurt to eat.

Laufas Turf Houses:

These turf homes in Akureyri, worked in 1865, are the absolute best-safeguarded instances of how Icelanders used to live in old occasions. Laufas was completely remodeled with customary apparatuses from the mid twentieth century. Since the structure used to house in excess of 20 occupants and is found just a couple of kilometers away, it merits a visit. It vows to move guests back in Icelandic history.

Horse Riding:

Akureyri is encircled by dazzling nature. Following a short brief drive away, you’re on a ranch encircled by ponies and the loosening up Icelandic open country. This pony riding visit from Akureyri even incorporates a home-prepared 2-course supper, made completely from natural nearby fixings. After supper, you can have an absorb a hot tub or appreciate a relaxed walk around a close by sea shore.

Whale watching:

The oceans encompassing Akureyri and Eyjafjordur are overflowing with ocean animals, most outstandingly whales and other cetacean species, for example, dolphins and porpoises. Most normal sightings are that of humpback whales, harbor porpoises, mink whales and dolphins. Experiences with uncommon species, for example, blue whales and orcas are considerably more ordinary in the North of Iceland, making it the ideal goal to take to the ocean and quest for its delicate monsters.

Botanical Garden:

On the off chance that it’s a warm and bright day in Akureyri, go look at the brilliant blossoms and tune in to the feathered creatures sing in Lystigardurinn, Akureyri professional flowerbed.  This open park was opened in 1912 however the herbal area opened in 1957. Passageway is free and it’s an ideal spot for a comfortable walk. Likewise, snatch a tidbit or treat yourself to supper at Cafe Bjork, a sensibly evaluated and well-disposed café in the nursery.

Beer Bath:

This epic experience is accessible throughout the entire year yet turns out to be much all the more enticing when the climate outside may not be the best for touring or climbing. SPA opened in 2017 and offers guests the one of a kind chances to absorb a loosening up shower of youthful brew and live lager yeast. The advantageous impacts of yeast on the body and skin are all around recorded and with a subsequent unwinding meeting, you are ensured to leave feeling restored.