The Golden circle trip allows you in visiting the most stunning sights of Iceland. This trip usually starts with departure from the city of Reykjavik. Duration of the trip is seven hours approximately and on the way there are stops at many picturesque locations. There is the National Park of Thingvellir where you shall witness Eurasian and American plate of tectonics, pulling apart. It also comprises of Europe’s Golden Falls or the Waterfall of Gullfoss that is second powerful in the continent of Europe. The organizers always provide an extra stop at the wonderful Faxi waterfall and the crater lake of Kerid. Here is a look at the availabilities of your dream tour.

National Park of Thingvellir

This is the very first stop for the journey and National Park of Thingvellir. It is not just a geological wonder site, located on intersection of Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. The place is also charged with a lot of history and if you have your Grand Golden Circle Tour arranged by then you are going to visit this as your first site. This was the first parliament site in the world and from the beginning of 930 AD to 1798. It tells stories for political and geographical struggles, it comprises as well as depicts ongoing evolution. Thingvellir accepted on the list o World heritage of UNESCO for the cultural values it possesses.


This one is the third stop of trip and the waterfall of Gullfoss or the golden falls. It holds the second position in being Europe’s waterfall that is also the most powerful. Any tour organizer will always include this on their Grand Golden Circle Tour itinerary. The water from the fall drops down in two distinct stages of twenty one meters and eleven meters into a big crevice making it appear as if the entire water. The falls can be enjoyed from several scenic points.


The trip organizers take a second stop at Geysir where you can see the erupting geysers right in front of your eyes. This Great Geysir stopped eruption in the 2000s but strokkur which is considered its baby brother, goes-off every now and then. The height of the water reaches an average height of twenty to fifteen meters in the air. At geyser, there are nice restaurants where you can get good things to eat.


Fourth stop during the trip would be at Faxi that is another waterfall located on Tunguflot River and beautifully plunges down for more than seven meters. It is quite impressive to view. Faxi foss was named after Vatnsleysa farm that meant “water shortage. This waterfall is full of salmon fish.


This is last and fifth stop of this trip and is a picturesque crater lake located Grimnes area of South Iceland. This caldera is made of volcanic rocks that are red in color and also the black volcanic rocks. It is quite a recognizable spot and you shall be picked from any of the Reykjavik guest houses or hotels. This spot on the tour of Golden circle is available till November end from the month of May.