When you consider that you are going to view some of the most scenic views in the whole world you should be excited about embarking on an Iceland northern lights tour. Not many tourist destinations are known to have multiple sceneries like those that are available on an Iceland and northern lights tour.

There is no doubt that it is the sights that make any Reykjavik northern lights tour to be exciting and full of fun. But besides the northern lights there are also other appealing sights that you can find.

To begin a list of these other appealing sights you can expect when you go to joy Iceland northern lights tour at Vik there is a dramatic black beach. You can also view where the blue icebergs journey out to sea at the lagoon known as Jokulsarlon.

If you wanted to see more appealing sights on your Iceland and northern lights tour then be on the lookout for the massive ice caps of Vatnajokull. Equally spectacular views of rainbows arcing through the spray of waterfalls in the sunshine can be observed at Skogafoss.

Other showstoppers along the south coast of the country of Iceland would surely comprise of the wonderful waterfalls. And most of them are unique in the sense that you can actually walk behind the falls like the one at Seljalandsfoss. Many more of such appealing sights can be accessed from the Ring Road which forms a circle around the country of Iceland. And the good thing is that these routes are covered by most of the Iceland northern lights tour.