Visit Iceland to escape from monotonous and strenuous work life for a few days and get immersed in beautiful majestic view of mountains. If you want to relax in the unique landscapes or inhale pure and natural air of unpolluted environment a trip to Iceland is a must. To look for a perfect tour that would let you observe the ethereal sights of Iceland and cover most of the sight scenes then trip to Grand Golden Circle will serve your purpose. Here the appreciable beauty of Mother Nature is worth tempting. Be it for the thundering waterfall of Gullfoss or adventurous wild interiors of Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall or Golden Falls and Kedrid volcanic plate. Before you plan your trip to Iceland here is a little information regarding it.

Thingvellir National Park

The first halting stop when you are availing Grand Golden Circle Tour is this Icelandic wonder of geological significance that lies 40 Km north-east of its capital city of Reykjavik. The park lies in the rift valley situated in the middle of North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. It is over here where Parliamentary sessions of Iceland take place. Protection for the diverse range of flora and fauna found over here is the chief aim of Government and earned the title of World Heritage site by UNESCO.


Stretched over a total surface area of 3 square kilometers this place of Iceland during Grand Golden Circle Tour arranged by Go to Joy Iceland allows you to observe the spouting of hot water having a temperature of 125 degree Celsius from 20m deep underground. Though the colossal geyser had stopped erupting from 2000 Strokkur water jets is still there to be viewed. This neovolcanic geothermal region is one of the remarkable phenomena of Iceland held as the second stop of travel.


Being considered as the second largest waterfall of Europe Gullfoss this iconic waterfall is the proof of the union between beauty and force. Here water plummeted down in two stages11m and 21m into a deep canyon. You will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing VIBGYOR view of the rainbows on a sunny morning. It is the third destination of a visit.


Located on the river Tungufljot, it is one of the most popular tourism spots of Golden Circle. It is also known as the Vatnsleysufoss meaning shortage of water of the waterfall. This area of scenic beauty offers the travelers to get a view of 80m wide waterfall full of salmons and arrange a mini picnic in this fourth place.


A favorite spot of volcanologists is the fifth and the last stop where volcanic Crater Location of a lake is in grimness facing southward of Iceland. This place has evidence of an extinct volcano that after discharging the magma formed a crater lake maintain its level same as groundwater table. Kerid’s Caldera is one of the three most remarkable volcanic craters. The pleasant view of this spot is worth enjoying.

Experiencing a Splendid vacation in Iceland

After observing such ravishingly beautiful views of nature, Iceland will have a profound impact on your heart and fill your mind with joy. A summer visit to this place is most favorable for warm and cozy atmosphere; early winters may also allow you for the spectacular view of Northern lights. But mostly vacation during the months from March to September is ideal. The mystic wilderness and the fantastic variety of places falling under this circle will make this place a dream destination for all travelers. Exploring the wonders of Iceland with a family will make a brilliant holiday trip.