The grandeur of Golden Circle

Most of the people who are tourists consider going to Iceland only because they want to catch a glimpse of these Northern lights. The season can be expected to have crisp and pure air, offering best conditions to see stars and Aurora Borealis’s frequent sightings. The entire world knows about these lights as Aurora Borealis and they are considered to be one natural phenomenon that is quite spectacular. Fantastic colors can be seen dancing around across the Arctic sky of Iceland and if you try best then they can be spotted on a minibus tour from the capital, Reykjavik. Duration is usually three hours and is a must watch. Here are all the necessary details on how and when you can see them.

The pickup services from the hotels in the capital

All Northern lights Iceland tours by tour operators like, have facilities of pickup from any of the hotels in Reykjavik, Airbnb accommodations and private homes. However one has to make their way to the location that is closest for pickup. The reception of the hotel might help you in finding the location perhaps you are staying in any accommodation that is private then there are websites that can be visited so that you can reach the pickup location, boarding a bus. One must be on time that is at least thirty minutes prior to depart for the location.

Things to know before you venture out

Witnessing northern lights may not be guaranteed all the time even if you are a part of an operated tour because this phenomenon is a part of nature. However, the tours can be rescheduled every time one misses a phenomenon. You must never forget to dress up warmly and slip on waterproof as well as warm clothes.