More often than not, when you read about unusual things in Iceland, you’ll notice that they primarily respect what number of Icelanders despite everything have confidence in mythical people. How they have thirteen frightening trolls rather than one happy Santa, and how they despite everything eat nauseating food.

No family names:

There are special cases to this, as any who is aware of the Icelandic creator Halldor Laxness can bear witness to, however when in doubt, it is the situation. There are a couple of family names in Iceland, for the most part Danish. Yet they are uncommon and typically begin from outsiders wedding into an Icelandic family. For the larger part, individuals have the last name that is a patronymic; in other words, it is made out of their dad’s first name with the postfix of dottir.

Banning of beer:

For a nation where the occupants truly appear to adore their liquor, it’s a shock even to more youthful inhabitants that brew was restricted in the entire nation up until the first of March 1989.  The finish of this darkest section in Iceland’s history is commended yearly; on the principal day of the third month, it appears everybody is hitting the town for a couple of pints of fluid gold.  Liquor can even now just be bought at Keflavik International Airport and in Vibudin, the state-run liquor store, regularly given the Orwellian epithet ‘Rikid’, or ‘the legislature’.

Passion about sauce:

Icelanders coat the entirety of their food in sauce, particularly sauce, bearnaise sauce, different plunging sauces and fixings. Fundamentally, there is a remarkable sauce for everything. Despite the fact that the meat, fish and vegetables are to an extraordinary norm, they’re possibly going to be better when shrouded in your preferred dressing. Icelanders have a particular sauce for pizza, pita, fries, chips, vegetables, burgers, franks, and different various ones for fish, meat and poultry.

Frequent Barbecuing:

It might be freezing and blustery outside, yet Icelanders are known to have a grill in any sort of climate, going about as they live in the rankling Australian sun. Come downpour, come sparkle, we despite everything need to have our sheep, fish and kebabs flame broiled over appropriate coals. And afterward, obviously, covered with sauce. For some odd reason, we can likewise eat frozen yogurt lasting through the year. At the point when the climate is as unstable for what it’s worth in Iceland, there is no point holding up until a pleasant day in July for your preferred treats.

Big trucks:

Outsiders that come to Iceland appear to be extremely baffled over the size of a large number of the vehicles. While obviously, you have numerous little two-wheel-drives evading through the lanes, there are a lopsidedly huge number of monstrous super jeeps, with gigantic tires, you may typically hope to see just in places like Greenland and Alaska. These beast trucks are not because of feelings of inadequacy of their proprietors (in spite of the fact that for the individuals who keep them just to go around Reykjavik, I have my doubts). They are, indeed, expected to cross the brutal territory of Iceland’s tough scenes, especially in winter.