The island of fire and ice is the dream of many tourists around the globe. Along with the display of amazing places and natural beauty it is also the center of various engaging and challenging activities. The diverse natural places offer a platform to perform a variety of tasks. The most popular and engaging activities that are performed at Iceland visit are given below:


Just at the distance of 30 minutes towards east from Reykjavik is Mount Esja. It has a height of 914 and attracts hikers from different hikers around the world. It is popular because it is easy to hike as compared to other mountains and a new hiking lover can easily test his/her ability. There are different routes to reach the summit and one can adopt any based on his/her energy level, age and time.


Many of us just love to buy things and especially at the moments when you are visiting out. How one can miss the chance of shopping specially women. It also brings you Infront of handmade and traditional things that reflect Reykjavik culture and traditions. The popular places for shopping are Kringlan Mall, Kirsuberjatred, JS Watch Company, Nordic Store, Stefan B Chocolatier and many more.  These all have specific attributes on the basis of items that are sold here.


It is not possible to stay out of food mostly while visiting Iceland tours. Although it is an expensive place, but there are still some affordable and best things to eat. There are also street vendors that do not let you miss snacks and tea there. The popular food places that are visited by tourists include Devito’s Pizza and few others. It is a little compartment of a few squares hosting its customers to eat delicious and tasty pizzas. Mandi is a little corner shop that is visited by many tourists for traditional Syrian shawarma, hummus and falafel. The delicious Thai food is also eaten by visitors at Krua Thai Cuisine. The special foods that are offered here are classic dishes like Pad Thai, Thai-styled Panang, spicy noodles and Tempura. Icelandic Street Food is a traditional food street offering food at affordable prices. Visitors are served traditional lamb-soup and shellfish soup in bread-bowls with their order. It also brings you to famous Café Babalu that is popular for many things. Its popularity is because of its hospitable staff and atmosphere, its eccentric, eclectic interior decor and its surprisingly delicious cheesecakes .

ATV Treks:

Tourists love to sit at the back of ATV Treks and walk in Iceland. The adventurous tourists sit at it and trekked towards lava fields, blazing volcanoes and green lands of Iceland. These are the most unforgettable experiences of tourists close to Iceland. These are available among Reykjavik tour packages from Reykjavik and also from other parts of Iceland.

Bathing and Walking:

The tourists cannot hold themselves from enjoying the soft water of Blue Lagoon on their tours to Iceland. They love to walk among the aisles of Akureyri, in the lands and valleys of Iceland.