If you are an adventure lover, then Iceland is the perfect destination for you. This country throughout the year provides a lot of scope for people who love to adventure. From caving, hiking, glacier hiking, snowmobiling, tours of a super jeep, this country is a complete package for the best holiday and adventure destination. If you are starting your tour from Reykjavik or Akureyri, extreme Iceland has a lot to offer in all seasons. You can see the amazing Landmannalaugar, or bath at the blue lagoon. The Golden circle will also have a lot of heritage parks for you to visit.

Adventures not to Miss

To travel to Iceland, you cannot afford to miss the adventures of traveling to the center of the earth through Snaefellsnes. You can go horse riding, hiking or have caving tours while watching magnificent northern lights dancing in the sky. All will fall under Iceland escorted tours packages from Go to joy Iceland. You must also be familiar with rickety shaped skyscraper looking lifts that cleaners use. That is how low they will take you into the belly of the volcanoes erupted thousands of years ago. Maneuvering downwards will make you feel like falling into a cathedral of fire color. But once inside you will have hours to roam about with lights provided to you.

Warm reception for guests

There is perhaps the only thing that would never want to do in Iceland is to anger an elf. The myths, as well as the majority of the people, believe that these elves do exist. Also, another beautiful component of Iceland escorted tours packages is that family values are given highest in importance. So you are sure to get a warm welcome if you are going there with a brood. Iceland is yet another country that has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire world. So be sure and secured that traveling to this paradise will be with ease and peace.

Saving up Money

In Iceland, if you are going there with your family and kids, you can enjoy a lot by choosing to live in guest houses and taking public transport. That will save you a lot of money and will let you spend that on food, and other adventures may be. With children and family, you can take long walks on the beach and enjoy some of the best seafood in the world. In Iceland, you can also try the fish soup that is very popular out there.

Everlasting Beauty

So now that your worries have come to an end and you are now geared to experience some breathtaking adventures why not hurry up and book your tickets now? Doesn’t matter what season it is, you wish to adventure or even see the northern lights, any season will fit within your expectation as Iceland is so close to the North Pole that it shows the same beauty all along the year. So do not wait anymore. Pack your bags and have a great time Iceland.