Join the Golden grand circle trip in the most relaxed manner. This tour allows tourists to visit stunning sights of this magnificently beautiful Nordic country. Usually, the trip commences after departure from the city of Reykjavik. On the way to some splendid, beautifully breathtaking locations, there is a halt at some of the most iconic locations like Gullfoss Waterfall or the Golden falls as it is known. Tour agencies based in Iceland are dedicated to helping and serving tourists for exploring as well as witnessing this beautiful country. Packages of the tour have been designed meticulously to offer a hassle-free and unique experience. Here is all that lies at the end of this fabulous seven hour tripping marvel of the Golden Circle tours.

Expect to be awestruck at Thingvellir’s geological wonder

The National Park of Thingvellir is the first stop. It is considered a geological wonder site that is located at Eurasian and North American Plates. However, this is a historical place where you are likely to find the site of the first Parliament in the world. This is usually the first stop for Grand Golden Circle Tour with and is done on a minibus with a maximum of nineteen passengers. This place shares stories about political and geographical struggles, ongoing evolution and compromises.

Good food and great geysers

Geysir is usually the second stop where one can see the erupting geysers with their own eyes. Popular route must never be missed on the Icelandic vacation. The Grand Golden Circle day trip has the second stop after Thingvellir National Park at Geysir, where one can see the baby brother erupting. Strokkur is the baby brother that goes off every now and then into the air. It reaches twenty to fifteen meters into the air. There are amazing restaurants nearby the Geysir that besides there is alive and audio guide accompanying tourists and you are not likely to face any language issues. The place has three nice restaurants where you can easily catch something to eat.

Shimmering rainbow across the powerful falls

The fantastic looking waterfall of Gullfoss and Golden falls is the powerful waterfall of Europe. It is considered one of the most iconic waterfalls in Iceland that offer a spectacular view of forces and the beauty of the nature that is untouched. Gullfoss is considered an important location of this tour. It is situated in South Iceland on white Hvita River that is fed by the Nordic Island’s second biggest Langjokull glacier. On any sunny day, a shimmering rainbow can also be seen over the Gullfoss Falls, during this fantastic round-trip excursion.

Salmon-rich waterfall is beyond compare

The waterfall of Faxi is also called Vatnsleysufoss waterfall. This is located on the Tungufljot River and it plunges down almost seven meters that is amazingly impressive to see. Tungufljot River finds origin in the lake of Sandvatn and pours in the river of Hvita. It is considered a major Icelandic river. Pickup is usually offered at all Airbnb accommodations, private homes, guesthouses, hostels and Reykjavik hotels. Moreover, if you are coming in a cruise ship then the operators have arrangements to pick you up from ship ports at Reykjavik as well. Are you a keen watcher of aquatic life? Grab the most amazing scene of salmon-play in the waterfall.

Ancient Caldera made of red volcanic rocks

End of the entire tour is rounded up with the last stop at kerid. The trip is usually weather dependent but you are going to love every bit of it. When booking for this particular tour, you must make certain that if Kerid tops your list then you must plan your trip between the first week of May and November’s end. April end and December’s initial week do not include Kerid as a stop during the trip. Expect to have incessant fun, free browsing and free log on the Wi-Fi.