Do you prefer traveling solo or in groups? Of course, going solo has its merits, but the cons are much more than the pros. When on a trip to Iceland, you may not have a fear of being mugged or robbed in the middle of a street as it is a developed nation. However, guided tours will give you a lot more opportunities that you won’t get traveling alone.

1. Making friends on the go

Touring in a group gives you the chance to make new friends. Human beings are social creatures and language is no longer much of a barrier as English has now reached in almost every corner of the globe. In Iceland escorted tour packages expose yourself to people from every part of the world. As a result, the boundaries set by vast oceans and masses of land dissolve in an instant.

2. Pre-prepared itinerary

Traveling solo requires a thorough itinerary preparation. You have to research rigorously about accommodation availabilities, language specifications, and multiple other points. A proficient traveling agency specializing in Iceland escorted tour packages, on the other hand, has readymade schedules for you saving your time and energy. No more hurtling around the internet pages for hotel bookings and local information.

3. No getting lost

Traveling alone needs you to be on the peak of your senses all the time. You are responsible for your luggage, accommodation, and nourishment, but a tour guide will make your bookings for you while informing you about every site. You may think that the Thingvellir national park is a haven for unseen flora and fauna but a knowledgeable guide will tell you that it is a site of historical and geological importance.

4. Discount convenience

Traveling alone means you will rent transportation and hotels for yourself. You will be the only one bearing the costs, but in a group, you can share the expenses. Even a guide can get you the right vehicle charging reasonable rentals. Your guide or group leader arranges group discounts for all of you on eatables as well as activities and companies agree to bear the concessions because of the large numbers.

5. Someone to capture you

The selfies you flaunt on Instagram becomes tiresome to your viewers. When you have escorts, you can ask someone to click your photos. You can invite your new friends to join you in front of the lens. The feeling of seeing yourself in pictures with friends from another country is thrilling in its own way. Making new acquaintances abroad also lifts you a notch higher among your pals from your hometown.

Don’t be a loner

Pardon any derogatory statements, but arguably, loners don’t tend to last too long in the world of socializing humans. The world is drunk with a craze for social media like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. While these media may not be of much help when on tour overseas, traveling in a group or with escorts or at least a guide, is fruitful. No journey is complete without knowing the history, the geography and culture of a place and Iceland has much of all that to offer. Be a sport and opt for a guided tour of Iceland with escorts.