Food and fun festival:

In February or March, there is a yearly occasion where you can really make the most of your dinners, the Food and Fun Festival. A considerable lot of the world’s most noteworthy cooks come to Iceland to team up with Reykjavik’s best restaurants and together make sharp dishes to the pleasure of the taste-buds of those joining in. Every culinary expert is allocated to one of the taking part foundations. where they set up a menu that is made from Icelandic fixings and items, and enlivened by their own global experience. There is likewise an opposition on the most recent day of the celebration, where the culinary specialists contend with three courses. When the outcomes arrive in, an extraordinary gathering result over the city. On the off chance that you appreciate top notch food and exploring different avenues regarding flavor, the Food and Fun Festival in Reykjavík is an occasion not to be missed.

Reykjavik Art Festival:

Consistently, the celebration has included the absolute most popular specialists on the planet. Among them are Vladimir, Led Zeppelin, Nina Simone, Andy Warhol, Jaqueline du Pre, Bob Dylan, Goran Bregovic, Benny Goodman, Ingmar Bergman, Mstislav Rostropovich, Luciano Pavarotti, Human League, Doris Lessing, The Shadows, Leonard Cohen, Pulp, Madness, The Stranglers, Bjork, Sigur Ros, David Bowie and some more.

Iceland Independence Day:

Icelanders took a choice on May twentieth to 23th in 1944 and casted a ballot overwhelmingly to turn into an autonomous, sovereign state. Autonomy day, be that as it may, is praised on the birthday of the man who drove the development, Jon Sigurdsson, on June seventeenth. The festival customarily appears as marches all through the nation, with ponies driving it and a major metal band. A few discourses are held out in open spaces, and most occasions have one done by Fjallkonan, the legendary embodiment of Iceland, additionally called the Woman of the Mountain.

Summer Solstice:

On June 21st, the late spring solstice happens, where Icelanders and guests the same assemble to commend the year’s longest day, as in the agnostic convention. In Iceland, this is especially uncommon because of the way that the sun never sets. The 12 PM sun, truth be told, goes on for the week when the mid-year solstice, and the sky is splendid for the duration of the night from May to August. To praise this time, blazes are lit, there are fascinating strolling visits, and the individuals who despite everything follow the Old Norse Faith have one of their primary dining experiences at Tingvellir National Park.

Folk festival:

Toward the beginning of July, the fishing town of Siglufjorour has its yearly Folk Festival, acquainting Icelandic culture with untouchables, and outside culture to local people. Because of Iceland’s little size, it would not be nonsensical to trust Reykjavik is the main spot here where culture can prosper, yet unassuming communities, for example, Siglufjorour altogether invalidate this idea.

Music festival:

There are numerous incredible outside and indoor performances in Iceland. One of generally famous, in any case, is the open-air celebration held yearly in the Westman Islands in the principal few days of August.