When you’re planning a trip to Iceland, things can appear a little more complicated than you realize. After all, the country is full of places to visit, sites to see, and top destinations and sights to witness. Among everything else, Iceland is full of natural wonders where waterfalls count the highest. There are so many waterfalls here that you might even forget how many you see during the trip. That is why you need to go through this guide, and if you have a weakness towards waterfalls. These are the top ten waterfalls of Iceland.

1. Kirkjufellsfoss

This small but charming waterfall is near the mesmerizing Mount Kirkjufell. The location is Grundarfjordur at the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. You shouldn’t miss this one on Iceland adventure tours. It creates an incredible backdrop for photography.

2. Gullfoss

Everyone considers Gullfoss to be the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. You will see it on the Golden circle Iceland tours. It is an intricate part of the Golden Circle route which encompasses two other famous locations of Iceland. The Gullfoss comes out of the mighty Hvita glacier river.

3. Hraunfossar

This stunning waterfall is at Borgarfjordur in the western region of Iceland. It forms from the rivulets flowing around the lava fields of Hallmundarhraun. It pours into the Hvita River, but don’t misplace it with the Gullfoss. It isn’t part of the Gullfoss which you see on the Iceland tours from Reykjavik.

4. Bruarfoss

It isn’t just one waterfall but a series of them, located at the Bruara River. You will find it in the Grimsnes area in the southwest of Iceland. Most people don’t know about this waterfall. So, it is more of a hidden gem and watching it flow into a deep gorge is pure pleasure.

5. Svartifoss

Another fascinating waterfall of Iceland is the Svartifoss located in the Skaftafell Natural Reserve. It is the part of Vatnajokull National Park, and the name of this waterfall means ‘black waterfall.’ The transparent water and the dark hexagonal basalt columns create a visual treat for you.

6. Hrafnabjargafoss

As complicated the name of the waterfall is, so is its beauty. Describing it can be difficult, so it is better that you don’t miss this particular eye-candy in Iceland. It comes out of the mighty Skjalfandafljot glacier river in the north of the nation.

7. Aldeyjarfoss

This waterfall is the second successive row of the Skjalfandafljot River and the tallest among all. The cascade is about twenty-meter tall, and like the Svartifoss you will see an intriguing contrast here. There are dark basalt columns here too, and the waterfalls look agonizingly beautiful.

8. Godafoss

The twenty-meter high and thirty-meter wide Godafoss falls the most famous among the waterfalls coming out of the Skjalfandafljot. Apart from the Golden Circle, there is another renowned route of Iceland known as the Diamond Circle. Godafoss features itself on this route and is an epitome of the religion of Christianity.

9. Skogafoss

This waterfall is highly popular and is at the South Coast of Iceland. It is close to the Skogar area. The Skogafoss is twenty-five meters wide and sixty meters high, and one of the most dramatic in Iceland.

10. Seljalandsfoss

The other widely famous waterfall to spot in the South Coast is the Seljalandsfoss. This one is a narrow and tall specimen and is about sixty-three meters high. The rare distinction about this waterfall is that you can walk behind it to get a spectacular sight.

Climate and glaciers

Due to the presence of glaciers and the perfect climatic conditions, Iceland has the blessing of the Gods of waterfalls. The frequent snowfall and rain further add to their presence. Arguably, Iceland is the best place in the world to see waterfalls.